Friday, February 8, 2013

Heartbreaker Hop!


Sometimes the man who seems the most like a heartbreaker is the one who will never break your heart. 
Sometimes the man you thought would never hurt you is the one who will cut you to the bone.  I sit here wondering what makes a heartbreaker.  How many hearts does a man have to break before he's considered a "heartbreaker"?  Because I'm pretty sure the answer is just one if it's yours...

Where do I stand on heartbreakers?  Love 'em or leave 'em?  Nah, that's too simple for me, too black and white.  Life is messy and complicated, and relationships are the most complicated part of all.  Don't ignore the past, but don't let it dictate the future.  How's that for vague?

The Giveaway:

It isn't exactly seasonal, but it is filled with hot heartbreakers and heartthrobs.  In honor of the Heartbreaker Hop, I'm giving away a copy of Halloween Heat VI, the sizzling Halloween anthology from Etopia Press.

Four erotic stories of contemporary romance with just the right amount of Halloween spice to warm up those cool autumn nights.

To enter, just leave a comment below (with your email address!!!) about whether or not you think heartbreakers are worth the work between now and February 11th.  I'll pick a winner out of a hat on February 12th and notify by email.

In addition, when you enter here, you'll also be entered to win one of three grand prizes!  You can get additional entries by commenting (with your email address!!!) on other participating blogs, so visit them ALL and rack up over 200 entries!  All prizes except the swag pack are international; the swag pack is available to US participants only (sorry, international shipping is rough!).

What are those prizes, you ask?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
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But when a twenty-seven-year-old artist and former student moves in downstairs, Lillian finds herself feeling more than just neighborly. Noah Ames is al kinds of off-limits: he's too young, he's a former student, and he lives right downstairs. Even with three strikes against him, his fiery appeal is undeniable. He pushes Lillian's boundaries--sexual and otherwise--in ways she's not sure she's comfortable with. But that just may be exactly what Lillian needs...

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  1. Heart Hopping By!!

  2. I think they're worth the work...
    Thanks for the giveaway and participating in the hop!
    I think that Christian Grey from "50 Shades of Grey" is a good example of a heartbreaker. He used and abused Ana at first, but then came to his senses by book two.

  3. Of course they are, that's a great job for many women trying to do something about those men, succeeding or not :)
    Thanks so much for participation!

  4. For me the heartbreaker is a bad boy who goes kicking and screaming into love! When he falls he falls hard!

    The only heartbreakers I have encountered are literary! And my all time fav is Mr Darcy! Although, I am currently crushing on Zadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood!


  5. Who wants a story without a heartbreaker??

  6. I love reading about heartbreakers! They are usually bad-boys, they’re witty, funny and sexy and the female population is drooling after them lol

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. I love heartbreakers cause they are fun to love. I prefer a heartthrob cause he is in it for the long haul.

    mary_reiss @

  8. thanks for being a part of the hop!

  9. Some are worth it :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  10. I like a challenge so yes they can be worth it.

  11. My favorite heartbreaker is Damon from the Vampire Diaries.
    Thanks for the chance!

  12. We all want to love a Heartbreaker. Maybe its because of his chiseled good looks, his bad boy attitude, or the mysterious nature of him. Some Heartbreakers are just that, they know what they got and how to use it to get what they want. Then there are those Heartbreakers that don’t even realize that they are doing it. The best part about a Heartbreaker is that there is always a woman that turns their world upside down until they realize it is love. I have read many Romance Novels over the years and have run into many memorable Heartbreakers and my favorites are usually the ones that don’t even know they are Heartbreakers! Some of my personal favorite Heartbreakers are :

    Kade Jamenson (Werewolf) from An Alpha’s Path. Kade is a sexy werewolf that will make you burn but a mishap with a potential mate makes him not think he will find love.

    Ian MacPhie (Vampire) from All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire. Ian is a heartbreaking Highland Vampire that was frozen in his immortality when he was only 15. With the help of his friend he is given a drug that helps him age to 28 so he could look like a man instead of a child after hundreds of years. He has no idea that he looks of a warrior and the lover.

    Lothaire Daciano (Vampire) from Lothaire. Lothaire is definitely a heartbreaker and his cocky attitude proves it! Thinks he’s a gift to women! Its just the sucker punch from a woman he doesn’t realize is his equal that brings him down a notch.

    Marius Parker from His Contrary Bride. Marius is every part the gentlemen but doesn’t realize he could also easily be the rogue!

    Benjamin Gateway from To Win His Wayward Wife. Benjamin doesn’t realize that he is a heartbreaker because the one woman he loved, he lost….or did he?

    Fury North (Human with Canine DNA) from Fury and Valiant North (Human with Feline DNA) from Valiant. Fury and Valiant are strong New Species and gorgeous to boot, but because they are damaged they doesn’t think they can hold onto to the women they love.

    Sigimor Cameron from Highland Conqueror. Sigimor is every bit the Highland Laird and warrior but can he hold onto to the beautiful English lady?

    Joshua Striker (Werewolf) from Alexandra’s Legacy. Joshua is a scared and battle hard enforcer for his pack and he thinks that he doesn’t have what it takes to make the women melt.

  13. My favorite Heartbreaker is the one that your heart can’t live without. One of my best is Lucas from D B Reynolds book “LUCAS” (Vampire in America series). Strong mind, well put together and tender when he wants to be. And loves horses.

    Judy Peterson

  14. In real life no, but in novels they are definitely worth it (usually lol)


  15. One of my favorites is Justice from Justice by Laurann Dohner. Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! :)

  16. My favorite part of having a heart breaker is the world class groveling. Todd in Lauren Dane's Laid Bare is my perfect example.
    planterofhope at aol dot com

  17. Have to the frist heartbreaker i fell inlove with was Rhett Butler from Gone with the wind... Thank you for being part of the hop.

  18. I think they're worth the work in fiction, but not in real life for the most part.

    doxisrcool at

  19. I think they can be worth it in real life but you have to want it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I think they are in fiction but mostly not in real life.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  21. I wish I knew the answer to that question as far as real life goes. I've never put myself in that position or actually even found a man like in a book, most likely. lol
    Thanks so much
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com

  22. I don't know that I've met a heart breaker, but I've read about quite a few. My current favorites are both Lauren Dane characters. One is Shane from Fated and the other Todd from Laid Bare. I think the redeeming thing about them is that when they realize how wrong they are they are quite good at communicating their understanding and groveling.
    planterofhope at aol dot com

  23. It all depends on the person if they are worth the work. My husband was a bit of a heartbreaker in the beginning and he was definitely worth the work. 13 years and five kids later I would say that I have for sure reaped the rewards of my work. Thanks for the chance to win. sbereza22(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. My fav is Charlie Hunnam from SOA...true heartthrob.

  25. Oh yeah heartbreakers are ALWAYS worth it!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! So many great prizes!! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Ashley A

  26. yes they are worth it if you love them. you can't help who you love. and i always think the heartbreaker is worth it in the books i read. i always root for those damn guys!! thanks for the giveaway.
    pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com