Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 11/11

Because I'm still a little sad that Halloween is over, I'm posting six sentences from Unmasked, my short story from the Etopia Press Halloween Heat collection.  Unmasked is included in the Halloween Heat VI eBook anthology, featuring four contemporary erotic shorts.  It's also available in the Halloween Heat M/F paperback edition, which includes all nine M/F erotic romances in the collection (both contemporary and paranormal).  It's not too late to enjoy a little Halloween fun!

In this scene, Avery and Milo share their first kiss:

I was straddling him, my long skirt bunched around my waist.  Twining his fingers through mine, he took each of my hands into his.  For a moment we just sat that way, faces only inches apart, looking at one another.  Mingling together, his breath became my breath.  I could hear my own heart beating, and in the instant that he leaned in and softly kissed me, with lips still tasting of sweet wine, I could swear I heard his too.  Milo lingered, taking his time...

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