Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sneak Peak Sunday 3/31

Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by for this week's Sneak Peek Sunday. This week, I'm bringing a short excerpt from Unmasked, a sweet little story I wrote for the Halloween Heat VI Anthology.

In this scene, recent law school graduate Avery has just come down to New Orleans to help with the post-Katrina cleanup. Her first night in, she meets a soulful Jazz musician named Milo. The following is part of their first conversation.

     “Everybody who comes to New Orleans is runnin’ away from something, cher.” His voice was smooth and mellow, like a long, slow pull on an expensive cigar. I liked the easy way he had of dropping consonants and hanging onto vowels, drawing them out as if savoring the taste. “What are you running from?” I countered. “Nah, not me. I’m Creole. I was born here. My dead are here. I’ll be here ’til I join them.”
     I wondered what that must be like, to simply know with certainty where you will always be. 

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